Reopen your business responsibly.

Protect workers, attendees, and members of your community with rapid diagnostic testing designed for high-density environments.

3C Bio mobile labs screen up to 2,400 people daily and deliver test results within 6 hours.

   3C Bio’s onsite labs have the capacity to fully screen and clear an entire workforce in a single day, or all prospective attendees on the day of an event.

    By locating labs onsite, sample collection and testing speed is optimized. Samples go directly into the testing cue, minimizing transport, handling and storage requirements. An event with 2,400 people requires 1 lab onsite; ten labs would be needed for an event or workforce of 24,000.

  • Clear an entire factory or company—without losing a single shift.
  • Host concerts and sporting events with up to 100,000 attendees, within 48 hours.
  • Vet airline and cruise personnel, and traveling passengers.
  • Run hospitals, educational centers, and other facilities requiring critical, ongoing same-day testing.

Mission Critical

We help your enterprise support public health and wellness—while clearing your exposure to risk and liability. 


Safely screen persons entering your site, workplace, or event—using the “gold standard” for accurate COVID-19 coronavirus testing (RT-qPCR).


Prevent viral spread within your community. We inform individuals who test positive—and assist them with isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing.


Maintain low statistical exposure to infection through accurate, continuous retesting—ensuring stable operation of workplaces and public spaces.


Meets CLIA and ILAC (domestic/international) certification requirements FDA- and EUA-approved methods.


FDA-approved technology, with Emergency Use Authorization. Individual laboratories are CLIA/ILAC certified, post build out.


Automated labs reduce human error and exposure—testing at full capacity with <4 staff Secure results delivered digitally—within 6 hours.

Interested in supporting our efforts to improve public safety through innovation?

How do we re-open our economy safely?

   We need to “Test, Test, Test” and ensure that test results are available in a timely fashion to catch asymptomatic carriers.

   3C Bio’s solution is to construct a nationwide network of quickly deployable mobile diagnostic laboratories for rtPCR testing in order to screen at-risk and mission critical communities for SARS-CoV-2 infections—food and transportation workers, health care facilities, schools, critical infrastructure workers—and also provide large scale testing for elective activities like sports, conventions and cultural events. 

   Optimized for SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR testing using FDA EUA approved methods, 3C Bio  laboratories are fully self-contained and can operate from 3 to 5 days continuously in remote locations before resupply and service are necessary. 

    A robotic backbone prepares samples for analysis, reduces human error and can serve as the flexible input for any viral RNA analytical method. This system tests for the presence of virus, which can show up in the body days before antibodies are present. Test results delivered via secure platform, same day.

The machines and methodologies have individually received Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. Individual laboratories are CLIA/ILAC certified once they are built, and then EUA approved for a specified testing methodology.

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